Medical Cleaning wipes

Medical  Wipes

Medical Wipes

WIPEX Medical Wipes are soft ,high strength and highly absorbent – absorbing 7times its weight in liquid – they are perfect for one time use to clean patients.
Different weights, colours, packaging are available, please kindly send inquiry to our sales consultant for more information.

Dry Wipes

Dry Wipes

1、[Strong, Durable and Convenient]- strong, durable and rinse-able to continue using without falling apart or leaving any residue. The disposable wipes are not only as good as cotton cloths, but also more convenient and hygienic.

2、[Dry and Wet Dual Use]- Use dry Wipes, or adding water to make your own fresh wet wipes.Make your own baby wipes by adding warm water and save your baby out from cold wipes. Make your own makeup removing wipes, face wipes, body wipes, etc. by adding your favorite natural ingredients to make life better.

3、[Multipurpose]you can add whether pure water or whatever ingredients you like to make them wet wipes when you need. This allows you to control what goes into your wet wipes and avoid preservatives, synthetic fragrances and artificial cleansing solutions. These totally natural, biodegradable, incredibly soft and safe wipes are perfect for everyone. Great to use for baby care, makeup removal, face cleanse and incontinence care.

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  • Medical  Wipes

    Medical Wipes

    WIPEX Medical Wipes are soft ,high strength and highly absorbent – absorbing 7times its weight in li...

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Wipex, as a good China Custom Medical Cleaning wipes and Custom Medical Cleaning wipes, has built a reliable reputation for delivering quality spunlace nonwoven products with the more reliable service in the nonwoven and cleaning industry. We are a professional factory dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and OEM service of nonwoven cleaning products which are widely used in Automotive Refinishing, Aerospace, Hospitality, Food Service, and Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning.


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100% Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Wipes: A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solution

Wipes are essential for keeping clean and fresh, but many of them are not environmentally friendly, and can take years to decompose. 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber wipes are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. These wipes are made from natural and renewable bamboo materials and are biodegradable, making...

The 133th Canton Fair

The 133th Canton Fair -second phase has a perfect ending on April 27th .In Canton Fair, Wipex let more people know our name and our products. We launched our new products, Wypall replace Wipes,sontara replace wipes and etc for various application like automotive refinishing, aerospace, hospitality and food se...


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Application of CLEANROOM WIPERS in daily life

Cleanroom wipers are specialized wiping materials used to clean and maintain controlled environments such as cleanrooms, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities. These wipers are designed to minimize contamination and provide a higher level of cleanliness compared to standard wipes or cloths. While cleanro...