Patient Care

Patient Wipes

Patient Wipes

These Dry Biodegradable Multipurpose Towels, are the ultimate solution for a huge range of applications including wiping surfaces wet or dry, ultrasound gel clean-up and wiping up disinfectant spray, the applications are almost endless.

These innovative dry wipes are designed to provide exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact. Experience the superior performance of these low linting. 100% biodegradable dry wipes and make a positive impact on the environment with every cleaning task.

Product Specifications: Heavy duty / Low linting / Macerator safe / Use wet or dry / Highly absorbent / 100% Biodegradable

The Dry Biodegradable Multipurpose Towels come in a convenient box packaging, ensuring easy storage and access. The box contains 50 wipes,providing you with a sufficient supply to tackle various cleaning tasks in your healthcare facility, office, home or any other setting.

Medical Disposable Bed Sheet

Medical Disposable Bed Sheet

Designed for professional use in clinics, beauty centers, massage centers, spas and for all the situations where it is necessary to ensure maximum hygiene.  Customizable logo is available.

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    Patient Wipes

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    Medical Disposable Bed Sheet

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Wipex, as a good China Custom Patient Care and Custom Patient Care, has built a reliable reputation for delivering quality spunlace nonwoven products with the more reliable service in the nonwoven and cleaning industry. We are a professional factory dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and OEM service of nonwoven cleaning products which are widely used in Automotive Refinishing, Aerospace, Hospitality, Food Service, and Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning.


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