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Hangzhou Wipex Nonwovens CO.,LTD

Wipex Nonwovens ,as a leading

China antibacterial/nonwoven Wipes Manufacturers and wiping cloths Suppliers

,has built a reliable reputation for delivering quality spunlace nonwoven products with the most reliable service in the nonwoven and cleaning industry.We are a professional factory dedicated to the research and development, production,sales and OEM service of nonwoven cleaning products which are widely used in Automotive Refinishing, Aerospace, Hospitality and Food Service and Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning.


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How to use the dish cloth correctly?

1. Prepare some dish cloths. Many household kitchen dishwashing cloths are very few. It is best to prepare some dishwashing cloths. These dishwashing cloths must be divided into categories and special cloths. When washing the dishes, use a piece of cloth. When using a piece of cloth when rubbing the...

Computer screen How to clean the cleaning cloth

The best way to clean the screen is to use a special cleaner and a cleaning cloth. If you don't have it, you can use an isopropyl alcohol cleaner and a fine fiber cloth to wipe. For some particularly stubborn stains, a good way to do this is to use a common toothpaste for cleaning. The toothpaste no...

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of dust-free wipes

(1) Basic weight. The mass per unit area of ​​the wipe was tested in accordance with ASTM-D-3776. The unit is: g/m2. . (2) Dustiness. The LPC test is performed on the dust-free wipe according to the requirements of 6.2.1 of IEST-RP-CC004.3. In the LPC test, the wiping cloth is immersed in a certain ...

What is the type of wipe?

1. Mobile phone cloth This cloth uses micro fiber as the base material, which can remove fingerprint dust and dirt on the screen of the mobile phone, and make the screen as clean as new. This cloth does not lint, does not fade, feels soft and easy to wipe. 2. Glasses cloth This cloth uses micro fibe...

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Cooperation statement:A partner like a brother 
Every customers and employees are our partners like brothers,we work sincerely with
our brothers, we solve probelm together with our brothers,we share success with our brothers!

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