Beauty Care

Beauty Care

Beauty Care

WIPEX products provide efficient delivery systems for lotions or treatments in a Beauty Care or Body Care applications – providing optimal convenience with the cleansing effect of lotion. Our salon towels offer a wide variety of features to meet the requirements of different applications including optimal control of liquid, high absorption capacity, skin friendly materials and surface effects to support release.

Recommended Products

  • Electronics Wipes And SMT Cleaning Rolls

    Electronics Wipes And SMT Cleaning Rolls

    WIPEX wipers for the electronics industry are high strength, super clean, low-linting properties and...

  • Industrial And Manufacturing Cleaning Wipes

    Industrial And Manufacturing Cleaning Wipes

    WIPEX wipes work better than rags, are stronger and more durable than paper, and lower cost in use t...

  • Aerospace Cleaning Wipes

    Aerospace Cleaning Wipes

    WIPEX Aerospace Grade Wipes meet the toughest requirements from this industry. Our wipes are extreme...

  • Automotive Refinishing Wipes

    Automotive Refinishing Wipes

    Wipex Degreasing wipes are with excellent performance in using combination with degreasers. Made of ...

  • Hospitality And Food Service Wipes

    Hospitality And Food Service Wipes

    By high-tech German spunlace productionlines,our spunlace nonwovens are soft,no flufly,low linting,h...

  • Cleanroom Wipers

    Cleanroom Wipers

    Using hightech hydroentangling technology, WIPEX cleanroom wipers are lintfree,strong and uniform. O...

  • Automatic Blanket Wash Cloth

    Automatic Blanket Wash Cloth

    WIPEX spunlace technology produces clean, low-linting wipes that leave no binders or chemical adhesi...

  • Household Cleaning Wipes

    Household Cleaning Wipes

    WIPEXPERT® Foodservice wipes can remove dirt residues and effectively absorb various solvents, and i...

  • Beauty Care

    Beauty Care

    WIPEX products provide efficient delivery systems for lotions or treatments in a Beauty Care or Body...

  • Medical  Wipes

    Medical Wipes

    WIPEX Medical Wipes are soft ,high strength and highly absorbent – absorbing 7times its weight in li...

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Zhejiang Wipex New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

Wipex, as a good China Custom Beauty Care and Custom Beauty Care, has built a reliable reputation for delivering quality spunlace nonwoven products with the more reliable service in the nonwoven and cleaning industry. We are a professional factory dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and OEM service of nonwoven cleaning products which are widely used in Automotive Refinishing, Aerospace, Hospitality, Food Service, and Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning.


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Application of Medical Cleaning wipes

Medical cleaning wipes are used in healthcare settings for a variety of purposes. Some of the common applications of medical cleaning wipes include: Surface disinfection: Medical cleaning wipes are commonly used to disinfect surfaces in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. They can be used on ...

The Benefits of Using Cleaning Cloth in Your Daily Routine

Cleaning is an essential part of our daily routine, and it's essential to have the right tools to keep our homes and offices clean. One of the most versatile and useful tools is a cleaning cloth. These cloths are available in different materials such as microfiber, cotton, and even bamboo. They come in differ...

Dry industrial wipes are a type of cleaning tool used in various industrial applications

Dry industrial wipes are a type of cleaning tool used in various industrial applications. These wipes are made from non-woven fabrics that are highly absorbent and can effectively clean up spills, dirt, and debris from surfaces. They are commonly used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and automotive facili...

Dry industrial wipes offer a number of benefits that make them a popular choice in many different industries

Dry industrial wipes are a type of nonwoven cleaning material that has been specifically designed for use in industrial and commercial settings. They are known for their high absorbency, durability, and ability to effectively clean a wide range of surfaces. In this essay, we will explore the different types o...

Dry Industrial Wipes: Revolutionizing Cleanliness and Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has been searching for new ways to streamline production and improve efficiency, and it looks like they've found a solution in the form of dry industrial wipes. These wipes are specially designed to clean machinery and equipment quickly and effectively, without the use of water or o...