What is the distribution of the use of microfiber wipes?


1. Advanced cleaning for car cleaning: At present, the […]

1. Advanced cleaning for car cleaning:
At present, the requirements for automotive wipes are getting higher and higher, especially for cars, which use suede as a wipe. Because the suede is expensive and expensive, it is not used much. Currently, the market is more microfiber. The skin replaces the suede, and because of the soft and delicate effect, it does not damage the car paint. Received unanimous praise from users.
The car beauty line is using this product in large quantities, and it is growing.
2, kitchen wipes
Trendy and functional development of wipes for home use:
Kitchen wipes, especially in the kitchen, are easier to use than any of the current wipes. Clean and hygienic. With the expansion of the cleaning market and the high-end family life, this microfiber wipe will gradually Popularized at the middle and high levels. Even into thousands of households.
3, furniture wipes
Due to the high-end requirements of family homes, some high-end furniture needs to be well treated and maintained, so there is a large market space for advanced wiping. Tobu uses a wiping cloth head, and indoor cleaning wipes have a good market.
4, precision instrument wipes
This type of wipe is required for computers, microscopes, laboratory equipment, and the like.
A wiping cloth containing a small amount of PU is required, and the effect is remarkable, and it has been recognized by the market.
5, beauty wipes
With the improvement of women's living standards, women in the new area are more advocating virtues and pay more attention to beauty salons. Microfiber products are suitable for this kind of demand, and can be made into various types of beauty products according to the needs to meet the needs of women. Men can also use it as a wipe, and the effect is also very good.