What are the main features of the cleaning cloth


Unique flat microfiber: Made of unique flat microfiber […]

Unique flat microfiber: Made of unique flat microfiber imported from Japan, it can quickly and efficiently absorb fingerprints, grease and dust.

High-efficiency microfiber vacuum roll: The vacuum roll on the surface of the product increases the contact area during wiping, absorbs dust quickly and efficiently, and hides the dust to avoid damage to the surface caused by secondary pollution.

It has strong cleaning power: it has strong detergency, no need of any cleaning agent, and it can clean the surface quickly; it will not leave water marks after rubbing, and keep the surface of the item bright;

Has good durability: no spinning, no knocking, no bacteria, its water absorption, dryness, durability is 5 times that of ordinary fiber.

Efficient environmentally friendly cleaning agent: strong decontamination, thorough cleaning, no residue, anti-fog and dustproof, anti-static, PH neutral, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly formula, environmental protection, safe and reliable.

Bright and clean advanced cleaning brush: It is made of imported nylon wool and high quality wood rod, which can easily remove the dust between the gaps.