Precautions for daily management of wipes


First of all, to ensure that the cloth is stored in a l […]

First of all, to ensure that the cloth is stored in a large warehouse, if the inventory is small, it is easy to make the other side of the cloth messy, can not be classified. It is necessary to know that the specifications, colors, and fabrics of the glasses wipes are different, and they need to be separately handled and stored.

Secondly, pay attention to the inventory environment must maintain good ventilation, otherwise the storage time is long, there will be moldy phenomenon, especially for cotton fabrics, once the moisture will appear spots, and the fabric's fastness is also directly reduced, easy to This kind of fabric can be torn open, this time is no different from direct scrapping.

The storage of the glasses wipes must be placed in the nearest place to the door. It is also possible to move the camera at the normal height. When the second layer is laid flat, the fabric of the other party is as close as possible to the bottom layer. When classifying, it is easy to distinguish between the cloths of each category as much as possible.

We can find Xinlida microfiber fabrics through high-power microscopes, which are more compact in terms of fiber arrangement and superior in softness compared with ordinary clothing fabrics. The production and processing of special glasses wipes and daily management can be said to be many.