What are the cleaning cloth used for

Abst:1. After the store is first installed for the customer, wipe the stainless steel surface to make the...

1. After the store is first installed for the customer, wipe the stainless steel surface to make the stainless steel more bright and not easy to have rust. (At present, all European kitchen appliances with stainless steel panels are delivered in the accessory package. After installing the accessory kit in the mall, remove it and rub it on the stainless steel surface);

2, can be used for cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel kitchen appliances in various shopping malls. After use, the products can be easily fingerprinted within one or two days, and the product grades are more upscale; (the mall can sell the accessories to the kitchen sales department to place orders);

3, the mall can be used as a clothing accessories, sold to customers for the usual maintenance and cleaning.

The range hood is the most difficult place to manage, and the soot is more stubborn. If the hood is cleaned by yourself, gently remove the upper layer of the net, take a metal container larger than the net cover, add water completely to the metal mesh cover, heat the water, then add a little alkali, you can soak for a while, After the oil is softened, it is best not to use a brush at this time, it is easy to leave scratches. You can use the chopped cucumber head left by cutting vegetables or the radish to wipe it gently. It is easy to fall off, then rinse it out, in order to be cleaner. Then wipe it with a cleaning cloth and some detergent. This will make the net cover shine, but you should wear gloves to avoid burns.

When cooking stoves or cooking, as long as you don't pay attention, the oil or soup will easily flow out of the stove or the fire rack. The stove is good. The fire rack is treated with ordinary detergent, and it is not clean. Of course, Can be boiled in water. It’s just that it’s more troublesome, but the whole kitchen is clean and you don’t want to leave a little dead corner!

Whether the tiles are rubbed every day or sticky will feel dirty and uncomfortable. At this point, the toilet paper can be covered on the tile, and then the detergent can be sprayed for a while, and the detergent will not only get there, but the grease will all float up. Just tear off the toilet paper and wipe it with a clean cloth and wipe it once or twice. As for the stubborn dirt that can't be removed, you can use cotton cloth instead of toilet paper.

After the liquefied gas cooker is stained with oil, it can be coated on the cooker with sticky rice soup. After the rice soup is dried, scrape it with iron pieces, and the oil will be removed with the rice soup crust. It can also be washed directly with thin rice soup and noodle soup, or with mullet bone, and the effect is not bad.

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