The cleaning cloth can be said to be in every corner of our lives

Abst:The rags can be said to be in every corner of our lives, in every detail of life. From the kitchen t...

The rags can be said to be in every corner of our lives, in every detail of life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the guest room, it's ubiquitous to live in hotels, homes, and offices. There is not a lot of household goods that are so widely available, but it is very rare. Obviously, the main effect of a cleaning cloth is to wipe floors or tables. Therefore, all cotton, linen and other fabrics used to wipe the objects can be called wipes, but if you do not pay attention to the hygiene of the wipes, it may also make it a hotbed of bacteria. The rag can be easily colonized in a random, wet environment.

In order to avoid the intrusion of bacteria on the cloth, we must use a soft cloth with a certain absorbent.Cleaning cloths that have come into contact with raw foods can no longer be exposed to cooked foods.The rags that touch the utensils must not be used for other purposes.Do rags for other uses. Do not wash in food washing utensils.Given that the cleaning cloth is so dirty, it is of utmost importance to replace or disinfect the wipes.

The rag can be washed every 3 to 5 days and boiled for 20-30 minutes. This is a natural method of disinfection.You can soak your rag for 30 minutes with a household disinfectant or heat it in a microwave oven for 1 minute.Note that excessively dirty rags should be eliminated in time.

It is worth noting that if a cleaning cloth wipes the table top, the pool, and wipes the tool, it will cause bacteria to spread. Therefore, the rag must be used separately according to the requirements, choose different colors, so that "specialized cloth", so as not to cause cross-bacterial spread.

The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester double-knitted fabrics. The surface is soft, it is easy to wipe sensitive surfaces, the friction is not defibered, and it has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Product cleaning and packaging are done in a cleanroom. The optional seals for dust-free cloths generally include cold cutting, laser sealing, and ultrasonic sealing. Microfiber dust cloth is generally sealed by laser and ultrasonic waves.

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