Computer screen How to clean the cleaning cloth

Abst:The best way to clean the screen is to use a special cleaner and a cleaning cloth. If you don't have...

The best way to clean the screen is to use a special cleaner and a cleaning cloth. If you don't have it, you can use an isopropyl alcohol cleaner and a fine fiber cloth to wipe. For some particularly stubborn stains, a good way to do this is to use a common toothpaste for cleaning. The toothpaste not only has the function of decontamination, but also is rich in silicon, which can be used to remove stains. One of the tricks to say in particular is that you can use toothpaste to remove marks on some scratches on your phone's screen. Because toothpaste polishes the teeth, it can do the same for digital screens. Of course, the toothpaste that needs to be selected must be some fine-grained, and some toothpaste that is obviously grainy will be counterproductive.
Note: The screens of many digital products generally belong to the LCD screen. In order to make the LCD screen easy to read, an anti-reflective coating is usually applied during the manufacturing process. The LCD screen itself has good water permeability, and even a simple wet towel may cause a short circuit through the screen. As for the detergent alcohol used in general, the principle of alcohol cleaning is that its main component is a good solution of ethanol. It removes dirt from the attached screen and dissolves the special coating that resists reflection. Therefore, two common cleaning methods are not suitable for these digital product screens with special manufacturing processes. In addition, it is not appropriate to use a paper towel with a coarse fiber made of wood pulp, as it is likely to scratch the "precious" screen.

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