What is the classification of Industrial Cleaning Cloths


The wide variety of polyesters are short fibers, drawn […]

The wide variety of polyesters are short fibers, drawn yarns, textured yarns, decorative filaments, industrial filaments, and various differential fibers.
(1) Polyester staple fiber
1. According to physical properties: high strength and low elongation type, medium strength medium extension type, low strength medium extension type, high modulus type, high strength and high modulus type
2. According to post-processing requirements: cotton, wool, hemp, silk
3. Classification by use: for clothing, cotton, decorative, industrial use
4. According to function: cationic dyeable, hygroscopic, flame retardant, colored, anti-pilling, antistatic
5. According to the fiber cross section: shaped wire, hollow wire.
(2) Polyester filament
1. Primary silk: undrawn yarn (conventional spinning) (UDY), semi-pre-oriented yarn (medium speed spinning) (MOY), pre-oriented yarn (high speed spinning) (POY), high orientation yarn (ultra high speed) Spinning) (HOY)
2. Stretched wire: drawn wire (low speed drawing wire) (DY), full drawing wire (spinning one step method) (FDY), full wire drawing (spinning one step method) (FOY)
3. Deformed silk: conventional textured yarn (TY), tensile textured yarn (DTY), air textured yarn (ATY).