Main types of cleaning cloth and Precautions


Main types of cleaning cloth edit 1. Multi-purpose clea […]

Main types of cleaning cloth
1. Multi-purpose cleaning cloth: all kinds of sizes, with and without fingers, can be used in various places in the home.
2. Special cleaning cloth: It is a kind of cleaning cloth which is thick and soft and comfortable to use. It is suitable for cleaning oily appliances such as ventilation fans.
3. Kitchen cleaning cloth: It is specially used for cleaning the kitchen and can effectively remove bacteria. 4. Micro sponge cleaning cloth: made of rag and mesh surface, it is absorbent and wearable, and it has a wide range of uses.
5. Cleaning cloth that can be used for gloves: It is very convenient for wiping the mirror, faucet and door handle.
6, precision instrument cleaning cloth: for dust-free cleaning, wiping medical equipment.
7, mobile phone special cleaning cloth: wipe the phone screen.
8. Cleaning cloth for watches: The mirror surface is clean.
9. Special cleaning cloth for musical instruments: remove the dust on the surface of the instrument.
10, car-specific cleaning cloth: car exterior cleaning, interior cleaning.


1. When you wipe, you will encounter solid waste, sand, etc. Be careful not to scratch the cleaning cloth.
2. Be careful when wiping silverware and gold foil, and do not scratch.
3. Do not use alkaline bleach when cleaning the cleaning cloth.
cleaning method
Hand wash, no comfort, bleachable, banned chemical