How to choose a cleaning cloth


Cleaning cloth If you want to choose a good cleaning cl […]

Cleaning cloth If you want to choose a good cleaning cloth, you should pay attention to the following points:
1, now a good cleaning cloth is generally divided into three layers. There are a natural rubber layer, a non-woven layer (aqueous fiber + polyester), and a natural rubber layer. The upper and lower layers of the surface are made of natural rubber layer, which strongly absorbs stains, does not remove dander, and is as clean as new.
2, the middle layer of wood pulp suture with polyester blended layer: fine pores, strong water absorption and rapid drying, reducing bacterial growth.
3, the cleaning cloth is best to choose fast water absorption, easy to wring out.
Cleaning cloth use precautions
1. When you wipe, you will encounter solid garbage, sand, etc. Be careful not to scratch the cleaning cloth.
2. Be careful when wiping silver products and gold foil, do not scratch.
3. Do not use alkaline bleach when cleaning the cleaning cloth.